BIRD-2 – all 3 satellites active

11:37 UTC with good CW signals :-)

jg6ykl birdbt d97...1d0b8f36ff1ff1
jg6ykl birdbt d97bbf1f0d8f37001971
jg6ykm birdph d779c11a0d9032001871
jg6ykn birdmy d97dbf190d9030001871
jg6ykl birdbt d97cbf210e8f38001871
jg6ykm birdph d77ac11a0f903a001871
jg6ykn birdmy d97dbe1c0f9039001811
jg6ykl birdbt d97bbe21119039001871
jg6ykm birdph d97bc01c10903b001871

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