Macom Launches New Mixers, Power Detector, RF Switches

Macom's MADT-011000

Macom’s single-ended, internally-matched MADT-011000 offered in a 3 mm 16-lead QFN package and bare die format. Photo Credit Macom

Macom Technology Solutions has launched a new portfolio of wideband double-balanced mixers, and introduced a power detector featuring wide-input bandwidth and dynamic range, as well as new broadband, high-speed Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) switches.

The wideband double-balanced mixers, covering the 8-43GHz and 18-46 GHz frequency ranges, deliver low conversion loss, high linearity and a wide Intermediate Frequency (IF) bandwidth, to meet the performance requirements for next-generation Test and Measurement (T&M), microwave radio and radar applications.

The double-balanced circuit configuration of the new MAMX Series mixers provides robust port isolation, while internal 50-ohm matching simplifies the application. In addition, the class 1B (500V – 1000V) Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) rating ensures high levels of ruggedness and reliability. Both the MAMX-011036 and MAMX-011054 devices are available in compact 3mm, 12 lead Quad-Flat No-Leads (QFN) plastic packaging as well as bare die formats for flexible integration.

Macom’s new MADT-011000 power detector is for microwave radios, T&M equipment and radar systems applications. Operating from 5-44GHz and supporting high dynamic range of 30 dB (-15 to +15 dBm), the MADT-011000 power detector features wide-input bandwidth and device performance to enable optimal power control. The single-ended, internally-matched MADT-011000 consumes 70 µA from a 4.5V supply, while the matched detector and reference diodes provide temperature compensation in differential operation. The MADT-011000 is offered in both a 3mm 16-lead QFN package and in bare die format, with ESD protection for reliability and ease of handling.

Macom’s newest entries in its high-performance Radio Frequency (RF) switch portfolio are optimized for use in SatCom, 5G wireless, T&M, EW and microwave radio applications, the new Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) based SPDT MASW Series switches provide broadband frequency coverage and high-speed switching capability.

The MASW-011105 SPDT reflective switch covers the 17.7-31GHz frequency range, with low insertion loss of 1.6dB, high isolation at 30dB and switching speed of 12ns, offered in a lead-free 3mm, 14-lead QFN surface mount plastic package. The MASW-011107 SPDT non-reflective switch, offered in bare die format, covers the DC – 26.5GHz frequency range, with low insertion loss of 1.3dB and high isolation at 46dB when operating at 20GHz.

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