Honeywell, AT&T to Deploy IOT to Transport, Logistics Solutions

Honeywell connected freight and aircraft solutions

AT&T to collaborate with Honeywell to deploy IOT to its connected freight and aircraft solutions. Photo Credit: Honeywell

Honeywell is collaborating with AT&T to use the Internet of Things (IOT) for a range of solutions intended to help companies improve productivity, reliability and asset performance. Honeywell is working with AT&T to deploy IOT technology to Honeywell’s connected freight and connected aircraft solutions.

Honeywell’s connected freight solution is a scalable platform that tracks and monitors critical shipments in transit. Sensor tags are attached to assets, pallets or individual packages to provide location information, while also measuring a range of condition changes, such as shock and tilt, humidity, temperature, light and pressure. The sensors are interconnected using a mesh network protocol, which enables them to communicate data back to a nearby centralized gateway device.

Logistics providers access a dashboard to receive status alerts and can react quickly to incidents that occur during shipment to prevent damage and loss.

With the connected aircraft, Honeywell is using the AT&T global network to connect services while on the ground. Honeywell’s GoDirect family provides operators, flight crews and maintenance teams with critical information to manage their services and network.

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