Maxar Adds Two Customers to its Rapid Access Tasking Program 

Maxar satellite imagery of the naval yard in Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Maxar Technologies

Maxar Technologies has added two new subscribers to its Rapid Access Program (RAP). The National Institute of Aeronautics and Space of Indonesia (LAPAN) and the Colombian Air Force have each signed multi-million dollar contracts for the on-demand satellite imagery tasking program, Maxar announced Thursday. 

RAP provides customers with a secure web interface to virtually task Maxar’s satellites, and have priority for tasking. When the next-generation WorldView Legion satellites are operational, RAP customers will be among the first to be able to task them to collect 30 cm-class imagery.

LAPAN plans to use Maxar imagery to accelerate mapping missions in Indonesia, including land certification, industrial priority zones and special economic zones. The Colombian Air Force is the first international defense organization in Latin America to partner with Maxar in the program and plans to use RAP for mission planning and monitoring areas of interest. 

“Maxar’s Rapid Access Program provides customers with assured access to task our satellites without the need for a physical ground station,” said Tony Frazier, Maxar’s executive vice president of Global Field Operations. “This lower barrier to entry for tasking provides opportunities for Maxar to serve our RAP customers with the high-quality imagery that they have come to depend on while offering them greater autonomy.”

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