ImageSat International, e-GEOS Combine Assets to Launch New EO Constellation

Analytics EO image by e-GEOS

e-GEOS, an Italian Space Agency (ASI- 20 percent) and Telespazio (80 percent) company, and ImageSat International (ISI), are partnering to jump into the market with their own new Earth Observation satellite constellation. The two companies announced on July 20 that they are creating the Elettro Optical-SAR EO satellite constellation out of combined assets from both e-GEOS and ISI.

The two partnering companies said they would be able to offer “a natural expansion through access to intelligence gathering assets,” to their existing customer bases. “Combining satellites with different sensing technologies launched into traditional Polar orbits and mid inclination orbits will ensure High Revisit – Ultra High Resolution imaging capabilities throughout day and night time and in all weather conditions.”

The virtual joint constellation is presently composed of 8 ultra-high-performance satellites data including five COSMO-SkyMed and COSMO-SkyMed second generation dual use SAR satellites – ASI and the Italian Ministry of Defense, for which e-GEOS is exclusive global distributor worldwide – and ISI three EROS Next Generation Elettro Optical ultra high resolution satellites.

“By bringing together the satellite systems, past experience, talent and expertise of both companies, we have literally formed one of the world’s most capable commercial intelligence gathering capabilities, which was until now only in the hands of super powers. I am confident that our alliance with e-GEOS will empower our customers by providing access to the world’s most capable commercial satellite constellation.” Noam Segal, Chief Executive officer of ISI, said in a statement.

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