Capella Space Releases New SAR Data Types 

Artist impression of Capella SAR satellite. Background image courtesy NASA. Photo: Capella Space

Capella Space has rolled out two new data types using its Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery. The new data types, Geocoded Ellipsoid Corrected (GEC) and Sensor Independent Complex Data (SICD), were announced June 9. 

GEC is suited for users who want to interpret SAR data through imagery. According to Capella, the GEC image product type is a detected multi-looked dataset that has been geocoded and projected onto the World Geodetic System ellipsoid. It is designed to provide image clarity, spatial resolution, and low noise. Capella said this data type is suited for visual literal image interpretation, multi-temporal analysis and GIS mapping applications.

SICD is a new product delivery format, which is a U.S. national geospatial-intelligence standard designed for the storage and dissemination of SAR SLC image data in a sensor-independent manner. Capella said SICD images are well suited for image analysts and data scientists using desktop ELT software applications such as SOCET GXP and SAR processing software such as SARscape. 

This update comes after Capella Space started commercial services in January of this year.

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