Get SAT, Inmarsat Deploy Terminal Solution to U.S. Government

Rendering of a Dual SAT system. Photo: Get SAT

Get SAT and Inmarsat have demonstrated and deployed a Dual SAT terminal solution for U.S. government agencies, the companies announced on Monday. The solution employs Get SAT’s micronized Milli SAT LM terminals using Inmarsat’s Global Xpress Ka-band network. According to the companies, this solution is meant to reduce installation costs and manage communications-on-the-move.

Dual SAT is intended to provide an antenna diversity solution for mobility platforms where obstructions such as ship’s superstructures could cause blockage for a single antenna system. A fully automated software switching system that requires no external components, Dual SAT has an automated software switching system, and the two terminals operate redundantly as a single system to ensure complete high-speed connectivity. If the primary antenna is blocked, the alternate antenna provides service instead. 

“Get SAT’s Dual SAT solution proves that there is no obstacle that can hold back any SATCOM-on-the-move application. Our miniaturized package enables true, un-blocked, constant, crisp communications. Our solution drastically cuts back on installation time and costs while easily integrating with pre-existing on-board systems,” Get SAT CEO Kfir Benjamin said. 

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