Lacuna Space and Miromico Reveal Collaboration

Photo: Lacuna Space

Lacuna Space and Miromico signed a collaboration agreement for the development and provision of off-the-shelf communications devices using ultra low-power and low-cost satellite links.

Following successful tests conducted this year, the first commercial trials with Miromico devices and selected enterprise clients in agriculture, environmental monitoring, and asset tracking are starting in 2020. Miromico uses LoRa for low power wireless Internet of Things (IoT), aiming to improve the life of battery operated IoT devices. The mutual use of LoRa also allowed Miromico to easily adapt their hardware and connect directly to Lacuna Space’s satellite.

“A low-cost and low-power satellite link like Lacuna Space’s technology built directly into every smart device will ignite a second IoT revolution,” said Marcel Wappler, head of IoT and LPWAN at Miromico. “We are facing a skyrocketing but yet unmet demand for smart devices with low power, affordable, and global connectivity. The lack of global connectivity is holding back endless applications. Some of which will help to solve the most difficult challenges of our times such as enabling solar powered local grids in South America and elsewhere, improving agricultural yield, or tracking the global flow of goods or assets and monitor their carbon footprint. Together with Lacuna Space we can begin to meet that demand.”

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