Iceye, RS Metrics Provide Global Iron Ore Stockpile Monitoring

Iron ore stockpiles seen and measured from Iceye high resolution SAR imaging, at the port of Port Hedland, Australia, ready for further analysis. Photo: Iceye

Iceye signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with RS Metrics to jointly offer to the commodities market the world’s first global Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)-based iron ore inventories dataset with up to daily updates. Access to the dataset will provide commodities traders and industry analysts further competitive advantages in predicting supply and demand, at higher update intervals, and with better accuracy.

ICEYE, who recently announced the commercial availability of its high resolution satellite imaging, is uniquely positioned for SAR remote sensing of iron ore stockpiles. With a growing amount of radar imaging satellites in the ICEYE constellation, there is now a completely new view into almost the entirety of the global iron ore supply chain.

“The consistent flow of analysed SAR data — on a global scale — from ICEYE allows users of our already established platform to track iron ore supplies at an unmatched frequency of updates,” said Maneesh Sagar, CEO of RS Metrics. “This partnership of RS Metrics and ICEYE gives our customers exactly what they need to be more successful than ever before.”

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