Foxtel Works With CommScope to Improve Streaming Experience

Photo: Foxtel

CommScope today announced its continued partnership with Foxtel, Australia’s leading Pay TV operator, to bring “The New Foxtel Experience” to subscribers across the country. The New Foxtel Experience leverages CommScope technology to deliver TV and on-demand movies as well as access to Netflix for subscribers through Foxtel’s iQ4 set-top box. Whether subscribers are streaming videos, recording live programming, or browsing through Foxtel’s on-demand library, the iQ4 makes it simple to get everything they want all in one place.

CommScope’s Professional Services group worked with Foxtel to deliver the iQ4’s full-stack software platform, which integrates to multiple back-office systems to provide a seamless broadcast and IP connected user experience. The iQ4 combines broadcast satellite and IP capabilities in a single, powerful device capable of delivering 4K broadcast resolution, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and a 1TB hard-drive.

“Our work with Foxtel highlights our continued leadership and combined expertise in professional services and software integration,” said Steve McCaffery, senior vice president of Service Providers, International, CommScope. “We are setting a new standard for the television experience by combining the latest technology in support of the growing number of video formats that consumers enjoy. Foxtel’s new iQ4 user interface brings it all together in a single, seamless experience, and we’re delighted by its positive reception in Australia.”

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