Spire Launches Spire Forecast

Artist rendition of Spire's Lemur-2 satellite. Photo: Spire

Artist rendition of Spire’s Lemur-2 satellite. Photo: Spire

Spire revealed the first product from Spire Weather. Spire’s new maritime weather product, Spire Forecast, will launch today and offer new weather forecasts dedicated to the maritime industry. The product will feature atmospheric and oceanographic weather attributes including, among others, sea surface temperature, ocean currents, wave height, surface wind, and air temperature, all available globally.

This move represents Spire’s first weather forecasting product, and how the company will eventually expand this new information into customized solutions for other industry verticals and market segments. The forecast aims to have an immediate impact on ports, ships, and shipping companies as a new way to illuminate risk on routes such as the Red Sea’s Tokar Gap, conserve fuel, and safely increase productivity.

“We created Spire Weather to augment and support the global weather prediction industry, from the private sector to government organizations who provide daily predictive weather information to global businesses and the world,” said John Lusk, GM, Commercial Business Units, Spire Global. “Our daily collection of 5000 Radio Occultations is a true source of value-added differentiation and provides our customers with the insights they need to address their forecasting challenges.”

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