Spire, Luxembourg Space Agency Launch Data Lake

Photo: Spire Global.

Photo: Spire Global.

Spire Global Luxembourg will launch its open source Data Lake. The Spire Data Lake is accessible free of charge to all start-ups, research institutes, and public agencies in Luxembourg. These entities will be provided with sets of proprietary data for research and non-commercial product development activities. This collaborative initiative is co-funded by the Luxembourg Space Agency through its National Space Program and is designed to spur the development of commercial space research by providing critical data at no cost to the public, academic, and research communities.

The data sets to be offered by Spire include Automatic Identification System (AIS) data, which is used for tracking the movements of ships and vessels across the world, and Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) data, which is used for tracking airplanes across global airways. It also contains Radio Occultation data (GNSS-RO), an element of weather forecasts. In addition, Spire will provide Total Electron Content (TEC), offering users assessments of the state of the ionosphere, which increases the accuracy of navigation (GNSS).

“We are extremely excited to contribute even further to the dynamism and cross-pollination efforts of the commercial space ecosystem in Luxembourg,” said Peter Platzer, CEO, and Co-Founder of Spire Global. “It is our conviction that our data will empower Luxembourg to attract ambitious companies looking for an enabling environment for research and product development by providing Luxembourg with a unique differentiator on the global business marketplace.”

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