Viasat Launches Community Wi-Fi Trial in Brazil

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São Paulo State Brazil. Photo: BlackBridge

Viasat has launched Community Wi-Fi trials in Brazil. According to Viasat, the Community Wi-Fi hotspot initiative is focused on providing high-speed, affordable, satellite broadband connectivity to people where internet connections are slow or non-existent. Beginning this month, Viasat will launch a trial program, deploying free Community Wi-Fi hotspots, with speeds up to 25 Mbps, in 20 unserved or underserved communities in the state of São Paulo. Viasat intends to expand the service to Brazil’s Northeast region later this year.

Brazil will be the second country to receive Viasat’s Community Wi-Fi hotspot service, which was officially launched in 2018 in Mexico. Currently, more than 1.5 million Mexicans living in communities that previously had little or no internet connectivity, are now within walking distance to a Viasat Community Wi-Fi hotspot.

“There are millions of Brazilians that have little or no opportunity for quality internet access, either because of the lack of terrestrial infrastructure or because the internet service offered in their communities is too expensive,” said Kevin Cohen, managing director, Global Community Wi-Fi, Viasat. “By launching Community Wi-Fi in Brazil, we are providing a way for Brazilians to connect to the internet at affordable prices. They can communicate with family and friends, access educational study materials, participate in e-healthcare initiatives, enhance their career opportunities and even participate in e-commerce and online banking programs.”

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