GEOS takes Blackline Safety Dispatch Services Global

Blackline Safety partners with GEOS (CNW Group/Blackline Safety Corp.)

Blackline Safety, which provides local ambulance, police and firefighter response services throughout North America, has partnered with GEOS Response, to expand its dispatch capability on a global scale. When Blackline’s Safety Operations Center (SOC) reports an emergency incident, the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC) will dispatch local emergency responders in any of 165 countries.

Blackline provides a gas detection solution with two-way messaging, two-way voice calling, an in-house SOC and now, global dispatch capability. Blackline’s G7 safety wearables aim to provide SOC agents with full situational awareness, making it easy to quickly validate the type of response that is required, and deliver those resources in the shortest period of time.

“Before Blackline’s G7, we had never seen a connected safety wearable with gas detection that could integrate into our global dispatch network,” Kevin Stamps, Vice President of GEOS North America, said in a statement. “If local emergency services are needed, Blackline is now able to escalate to our operations team who will confidently manage the dispatch virtually anywhere around the globe with full multi-lingual support.”

Should the unexpected occur, Blackline’s live SOC monitoring team receives the alert with the employee’s identity, his or her precise location, the type of alert and any atmospheric gas hazards present. Blackline’s SOC agents manage the incident according to the client’s customized emergency response protocol. As may be required, Blackline’s team will escalate the incident to the GEOS IERCC that dispatches local responders around the globe, based upon the employee’s exact location, city and country.

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