Inmarsat, Hyundai Global Service Develop Maritime Digitalization

A cargo vessel. Photo: Inmarsat

Inmarsat signed a business cooperation agreement that allows Hyundai Global Service (HGS) to offer ship owners and managers a digital solution route to maritime digitalization. HGS was established in 2016 by parent group Hyundai Heavy Industries as a digital transformation solutions provider to optimize ship operation and performance.

HGS was recognized as an Inmarsat Certified Application Partner (CAP), and will use the Fleet Xpress Dedicated Bandwidth Services to support its digital services for shipowners. The CAP program aims to allow application and software developers to choose their own route to digital enablement via either a Dedicated Bandwidth Service over Fleet Xpress or FleetBroadband or through a dedicated API that allows access to Fleet Data, Inmarsat’s cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) platform.

Stefano Poli, VP, Business Development, Inmarsat Maritime described the agreement with HGS as a significant milestone in the offering being made to third party service providers enabling maritime digitalisation. “The Hyundai-Inmarsat agreement is effectively the first of its kind and marks the commercial service introduction of Inmarsat’s Fleet Xpress Dedicated Bandwidth Services as part of our portfolio of solutions for Certified Application Providers” he said. “With this new service, HGS is now strengthening its value proposition of applications to monitor and analyse ship performance for existing and new customers”

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