NSR: Flat Panel Antenna Market to Hit $11 Billion by 2028

Kymeta's flat-panel antenna with Mtenna technology

Kymeta’s flat-panel antenna with Mtenna technology Photo Credit: Kymeta

NSR’s Flat Panel Satellite Antennas, 4th Edition (FPA4) report, released today, forecasts cumulative FPA equipment sales to reach approximately $11 billion by 2028. NSR’s FPA4 finds aeronautical equipment will drive revenue growth for manufacturers, while fixed broadband applications on Non-Geostationary Orbit (NGSO) satellites will be the main volume market.

According to the release, FPAs have long been a niche alternative to parabolic systems, due to high costs and variable performance limiting market potential. However, with NGSO satellite constellations from OneWeb, SES, SpaceX, Telesat, and others, expected to come online after 2020, the industry has begun taking a strong interest in FPAs.

“Demand for connectivity in commercial aviation continues to grow, and the operating environment necessitates a low-profile design. This has been a key market driver for development of phased array technology for satellite connectivity,” states NSR Senior Analyst, and report author, Dallas Kasaboski.


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