Rohde & Schwarz Conducts Connected Vehicle Tests in China

Connected car. Photo: Via Satellite

Connected car. Photo: Via Satellite

Rohde & Schwarz successfully tested the interoperability of LTE-V connected vehicles with the R&S CMW500 wideband radio communication tester using embedded Huawei Balong 765 IC chipsets for terminals. LTE-V is a cellular “Internet-of-Vehicles” (IoV) technology standard based on M2M and existing LTE technologies.

The tests were conducted in Wuxi, China from September 15 to September 18. The combined solution verified multiple IoV test scenarios with communications based on 3GPP Release 14 Mode 4. Huawei LTE-V2X terminals are based on the Huawei Balong 765 baseband IC. The chip was designed for a new generation of IoV communications and can support communication interfaces between terminals and base stations, as well as short-distance direct communication between a vehicle and other devices.

“The successful interoperability test by Rohde & Schwarz and Huawei marks an important step for LTE-V products to meet international standards and, therefore, the commercial rollout of LTE-V,” Rohde & Schwarz said in a company statement.

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