Draper Reveals NASA Lunar Payload Services Team

Photo: NASA

Draper unveiled its team for the NASA Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) contract. Under the proposal, the team will support NASA in the delivery of small rovers and instruments to meet lunar science and exploration needs, advance development of lunar landers for human missions, and conduct more research on the moon’s surface ahead of a human return. Draper, as prime contractor, will lead a team that brings relevant experience in space, with partners that include General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems, ISpace and Spaceflight Industries.

NASA announced its CLPS program in December 2017 and invited commercial partners to form teams to bid on the project. At the time, the space agency said it is returning to the moon and to destinations farther into the solar system with commercial and international partners as part of an overall agency Exploration Campaign in support of Space Policy Directive 1. In support of the national interest, NASA has mandated that the prime contractor provide a CLPS that uses domestic end products for all space transportation vehicles required for performance of the contract.

In accordance with the terms of the proposal, Draper will provide payload operations and the guidance, navigation, and control systems for the lunar lander, as well as overall management and coordination of the team; General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems is responsible for carrying out the lunar lander manufacturing, assembly, integration. and testing in the United States; ISpace will act as the design agent for the lunar lander and mission operations, as well as provide high-frequency rideshare opportunities; and Spaceflight Industries is responsible for launch services including integration, mission management, launch and range documentation and pre- and post-operations.



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