Miteq, GeoSync Founder Arthur Faverio Passes Away

Arthur Faverio Passes Away

Arthur Faverio (Image courtesy of GeoSync)

Arthur Faverio, the co-founder and former president of Miteq, passed away on Aug. 19 at the age of 78. Faverio was a respected satellite engineer and entrepreneur with more than 50 years of experience in the industry. He co-founded MITEQ in 1969 and served as its president for 15 years starting in 1993 before establishing GeoSync Microwave, a Radio Frequency (RF) satcom technology company, in 2008.

Faverio received his BSEE degree from Manhattan College in 1961 and a MSEE degree from New York University in 1962. He began his career at Airborne Instruments Laboratories, working on a number of engineering projects. At Miteq, he helped develop its low-noise oscillator product line then moved to the satellite communications products group. Faverio has been been leading GeoSync Microwave since its establishment 10 years ago.

“Mr. Faverio’s many professional legacies are all magnified by his loving family, the friendship, respect, and investment in his employees and business colleagues and the gratitude of his GeoSync co-workers. GeoSync Microwave is an enduring monument to Arthur and will continue to grow serving the industry he loved. We all mourn his loss,” GeoSync Microwave said in a company statement.

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